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Obelisk shaped pendant of Turquoise and Spiney Oyster adorns necklace of carved Turquoise , exceptional Sterling Silver findings, and Onyx beading. Necklace measures 20 inches in length and has a 2 inch extender chain

PRICED $298.00



Elaborate Turquoise collar style necklace

PRICED $295.00


Bezel set Amazonite and Appatite pendant on graduated Opals

with Appatite spacing.

PRICED $205.00


30x40mm pendant repainted and signed by new artisan on Black Agate illustration originally completed by Gustav Klimt during the Art Nouveau period. Using Gold overlay findings and hanging from a triple
strands of Black Spinels and Citrine beads in unique shape and length of 20".

PRICED $225.00

Earrings are matching Black Spinel squares with golden bezel

PRICED $60.00



Hand Painted on black Agate illustration named Margarite Bead. Originally painted by Alfonse Mucha during the Art Nouveau period, size 30 x40mm. Delicate gold wire wrapped "picture frame" design mounting holds the bead,
and a single strand of Moonstones in assorted colors with gold star shaped spacer beads in between, length 20"

PRICED $220.00

Peach Moonstones and white Mother of Pearl earrings have sterling silver bezel and backs

PRICED $69.00


Beautiful debutant in warm shades of caramel colored fossilized Peanut Wood with Gold over findings. 19 inches in length with toggle closer

PRICED 205.00

See E#63 for Earrings



Jasper and Garnets necklace



From a 27" long strand of Carnelian and Onyx stones with copper findings hangs a porcelain egg with Gustav Klimt inspired design, as well as, a tassel comprised of glass beads, and carnelian/citrine stones.

PRICED $179.00


Cheetah kitty and reclining girl

18.5 inches of Garnets complimenting this adoring girl and her Kitty. 18k overlay findings with c-clasp closure 

PRICED $169.00

See E#15 for Earrings








28.5" necklace with 40x50mm Hand Painted Mother of Pearl "Tree of Life" illustrated pendant has been simple wire wrap in silver and includes necklace of Grey Quartz, Pearls, Smokey Quartz forms, golden
Botswana Agate rondele beads, Banded Onyx cubes, and Sterling Silver toggle closure.

PRICED $199.00

Earrings have matching stones as necklace including Banded Onyx cubes mother of pearl tear drops and sterling lever backs

PRICED $40.00


36 inches of vivid burgundy Rhodolite Garnet briolettes, unusual markings on Picture Jasper pieces, and Pink rhodonite stones making this a striking burgundy grey necklace. No need for a clasp with this necklace  

PRICED $225.00


Excellent quality of Lapis Lazuli pendant with matching coin shaped beads mixed with diagonally drilled Crystal Quartz cubes, and fresh Water Pearls.

18.5 inches in length and Sterling Silver toggle closure.   

PRICED $210.00



 Dumortierite pendant on double strand

Stunning shades of cornflower blue beading including Kyanite, Blue Chalcedony, and Tanzanite along with mini beige fresh water Pearls plus Picture Jasper mirror the shades of blue this Dumortierite and Tanzanite pendant.    Triple Sterling Silver toggle loop closure measures 19.5 to 20.5 inches in length.

PRICED $350.00



18.5 inches in length of Goldstone peachy rondeles

with tear drop shape Quartz Druzy in peach

PRICED $179.00



Super large shiney white 16mm coin Pearls are space with

Turquoise beads accentuating the Blue Topaz found in the

Sterling Silver detailed pendant of a Mermaid and Seahorse

on Mother of Pearl.

Ideal for complimenting your summer wardrobe.

PRICED $219.00

SEE #E1 for Earrings




Appatite beaded necklace with square coin Pearl's, Peruvian Opals and Gold overlay accents, pleasantly compliments the sea blue colors in this hand painted Mother of Pearl Lotus Blossom pendant.

PRICED $189.00



This necklace and pendant is made up of a stone known as Neon Apatite because of its intense color. The necklace measures 19" in length an has Sterling Silver and crystal stations mimicking the pendant's design. The pendant is permanently fixed to the necklace and has 3.8 cts. of Blue Neon Apatite stone, 1.2 cts. of white Topaz stones, a large Quartz Cyrstal, and 1.7 cts. Blue Apatite Cyrstal at the bottom. All of the above is embraced in Sterling Silver bezels or prongs, creating a graceful delicate appearance to the pendant.

PRICED $210.00

Light and airy the earrings are a single line of Neon Apatite beads seperated with Sterling rondels and finally reaching an Apatite dangle at the bottom.

Sold separately

PRICED $40.00


Sterling Silver bezel wrapping "wings" of inlaid Rhodochrosite and Onyx stones with an Onyx tear drop finishing off this style of pendant, Somewhat Egyptian in fashion . This solid piece is then complimented
by an extension flanking both sides with round Rhodochrosite and Onyx beading, lovely sterling caps out lining each break between the black and pink color. 20" in length with lobster claw closure.

PRICED $175.00

A Slim line of Rhodochrosite and onyx makes these earrings light weight and just enough to mirror the colors of the necklace.2" long with lever backs

PRICED $38.00


Porcelain focal beads with Garnets, Pearls, And Onyx.

Creating 2 necklaces and coordinating earrings





Bold sharp contrast of black and pink color makes this necklace is oh so striking! Measuring 19 inches in length plus a 1.5 inch extender chain, a 78.1 carat Rhodonite pendant, and large 10mm Onyx fauceted beads

PRICED $219.00



Golden beauty best describes this necklace. Having 2 strands, one of "stick" pearls in a lovely golden hue and atop that is a single strand of bronze mini glass beads with Botswana Agate spacer stations.
The necklace highlights the main feature being a large golden Rutillated Quartz pendant flattered by its hand tooled sterling silver setting. This necklace is truly a one of a kind.

PRICED $225.00

Complimenting the necklace with18K overlay lever backs, the earring uniquely feature the same pearls and glass beads

PRICED $45.00


A 19.5" long necklace featuring a Bronze mounted pendant with large fauceted Labradorite solitaire in the center and trimmed in18k overlay. This single strand of fauceted Labradorite rondeles, 18K
overlay spacers punctuating Pyrite balls and cubes. Labradorite has an exceptional feature called LABRADORESCENCE suggesting metallic tints of green, blue, or gray depending on the light.

PRICED $195.00

Super elogated Labradorite briolettes have gold elements on its top and bottom as well as a pyrite dangle. 2.5" long with shepherd hook backs

PRICED $60.00


Mermaid with Quartz and Smokey Quartz beads carrying the Moon



Huge Swiss Opal with natural green Kyanite Druzy and Presiolite makes this pendant a true eye catcher. Necklace encompasses various lengths of Malachite "stick" type beads and Malachite

with sterling silver Daisy spacers flanking them. 23" with extender chain

PRICED $220.00


Labradorite Bird Pendant and Moss Agate Earrings


Chrysoprase Lemon Quartz and Presiolite pendant and necklace



An Adorable Panda munching on some bamboo shoots, hand painted on Mother of Pearl 57mm, wire wrapped in Silver, and permantly hanging from a strand of Peridot beads, linear shapes of Malachite
beads, Serferinite oval beads and fabulous decorative sterling silver spacers with toggle clasp closure. 24" in length

PRICED $215.00

Matching Malachite earrings using same stones and Sterling elements with shepherd hook backs

PRICED $38.00


Hand painted on Mother of Pearl is this Barn Owl necklace with golden wire wrapping and Black Spinel embellishments. Finally strung on 27 inches of faceted beads of Pyrites with Rainbow Moonstone

then Gold over Silver wire separates each stone for distinction.

PRICED $205.00


Adorable Hand painted Owls on oval discs of Abalone are embellished with Fresh Water Pearls,

gold over findings, and lever earring backs.

PRICED $40.00





Strung with Ruby Zoisite and Garnet beads this hand painted bunny sits happily in a garden of flowers. Oh so Springy with a wonderful contrast of color and is 20 inches in length plus an extender chain.

PRICED $200.00



40mm pendant hand painted rendition of Alfonse Mucha's post card illustration representing the month of June originally done in the early 1900's. Today's version was completed by new artisons repainted
on Black Agate , signed, and sealed with lacquer to last forever. She permanently hangs from a double strand of small apricot fresh water pearls. With lobster claw clasp the necklace measures 19.5".

PRICED $215.00

Coordinating earrings measure 2.25" in length and are comprised of golden wire wrapping , Carnelian and crystal stones, and completing the peach color theme

PRICED $45.00


This very special necklace is made up solely of one type of Jasper from Australia named MOUKAITE. Generally this stone grows naturally in shades varying from light reds to pinks and burgandy as shown
in this necklace. The necklace measures 24" in length w/ extender chain and is also strung with Garnets between each Moukaite creating a plethora of warm hues.

PRICED $205.00

Simple pair of earrings with Garnets meeting up with single rondele of MOUKAITE and sterling daisy spacer beads finishes off the suite

PRICED $38.00



As an innovative "Y" necklace design of copper rolo type chain and findings, there displayed is ERTE'S inspired hand painted bead of a man/woman in costume. Suspended on an 18.5" chain, the necklace
finally descends another 4.5", creating the "Y" design. Ultimately reaching the final station of Black Spinel, Carnelian, and fancy copper bead with the same design mirrored in the earrings.

PRICED $199.00

Earrings with same final section as necklace are 2.5" in length

PRICED $46.00


Hand crafted pendant with semi precious gems of Amethyst, Peridot, London Blue and Glacier Blue Topaz, and Garnet bezel set in Sterling Silver and 18k trimming. Necklace has phosphosiderite beads and gold over donut details plus measures 17 inches with extender chain.   

PRICED $385.00

SEE E#  for Earrings



Luscious 2.5 inch long Banded Amethyst pendant on fauceted Amethyst beading with

Charoite and Sterling Silver accents.

Necklace measures 23 inches in length and has lobster clasp.

PRICED $210.00

SEE E#51 for Earrings


  Amazing 5 strand Amethyst and Phosphiderite necklace with Sterling Silver magnetic clasp has the unique capability of allowing the necklace to be converted to a 2 strand, 4 strand, or the complete 5 strand as shown. The pendant is all Amethyst, including a large Amethyst druzy, an Amethyst slice, lavender Amethyst side stone, and a drop Presiolite stone (also known as green amethyst). Finally the pendant has an enhancer clip. A true one of a kind necklace with amazing features! 

PRICED $450.00

SEE E#6 for Earrings


Hand painted on Mother of Pearl Erte's illustration the Balcony. Strung with various shaped of Pyrites and 18k overlay findings. 24 inches in length.

PRICED $225.00



Amber butterfly necklace is 18.5 inches of genuine Baltic Amber and mini Hessonite rondels from the Garnet family along with a 1.5 inch extender chain and lobster claw clasp.

PRICED $139.00



Intricately detailed Sterling Silver Dragonfly pendant with Blue Topaz,

fossilized Walrus Tusk and Tigereye body. The necklace is Champagne Quartz

with Mother of Pearl forms and measures

18 inches with 2 inch Sterling extender chain

PRICED $275.00




Various Smokey Quartz stones in special cuts with added brilliant Citrines rondels

PRICED $139.00

SEE #E17 for Earrings


This one of a kind Heart pendant is made up of several componants, Sterling Silver Bezel surrounds each element starting with a dark grey Hematite Heart, which has a floating Platinum Druzy center,
followed by a Quartz Geode above, then ending with an oval Rutlated Quartz at the top. With an over sized Bail, the pendant can be removed and the double strand beaded necklace can be worn separately. The double strand necklace measures18" long and are cube shaped Hematite beads and fauceted gray quartz. their length and favorable color makes them especially suitable to be worn on their own.

Pendant PRICED $110.00

Double strand of beads alone


See E#40 for Earrings


Pendant of Fossilized Peanut Wood



One of a kind necklace set, the pendant includes a bezel mount triangular cut turquise stone, white Topaz, blue Topaz, and fresh water Pearl. The Sterling Silver set pendant measures 2.5" in length.
The necklace has 3 strands of Golden Pyrite beads that filter up to the back but not before going through various sizes of Genuine Turquise and sterling findings, ultimately ending with a lobster clasp.
The necklace is 19.5" long and adjusts to 21.5" with Sterling Silver extender chain.

 PRICED   $219.00




The mini genuine Turquoise  beads here showcase an "urn" pendant designed setting, with a large white Moonstone center. Moonstone has a blue-whitish opalescence that glides over the stone and
                    has been known to be sometimes described as "billowy" light. And as a great compliment to this one of a kind piece is the interesting play of color between the two stones. 24.5" in length including
                    lobster claw clasp and 18k filled overlay findings.

PRICED   $215.00


Moonstone is in the Feldspar group and is known for its shimmer of white light similar to Moonshine, hence the name's origin Moonstone, but this phenomenon is called ADULARESCENCE. Created here using 34" of
                     large faceted Moonstone beads, this necklace has the interesting contrast of color being Turquoise and opalized white. Various shapes and sizes of genuine Turquoise are inter- dispersed through
                     out necklace as well as art beads and 18K overlay filled findings and clasp.

 PRICED   $225.00

 Earrings in large Tear drop shapes of genuine Turquoise are then skillfully wire wrapped with gold over. The statement earring to match the statement necklace.

PRICED  $48.00





Mermaid on Abalone pendant with Abalone and Malachite beads

22.5" in length.

PRICED $190.00

SEE E#53 for Earrings





Strung on a stainless steel cable our 22.5" long hand painted Turtle necklace is a real darling! Having super vivid colors of blues and greens, and a handsomely painted shell back he almost appears dimensional. The turtle is painted  on the Mother of Pearl shell and has been wire wrapped with additional Turquoise and Lapis stones. The beaded necklace is predominantly Blue Quartz stones with genuine stones including Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, and Turquoise. Set in between the gem stones are polka dotted rectangular ceramic beads, punctuated by matching coordinating colors of glass beads
                     and sterling silver "C" clasp.

PRICED  $189.00

These earrings have combination of same elements in necklace  polkadot rectangle beads and in addition the blue ceramic StarFish. Lever backs.

PRICED $42.00


Natural Abalone ovals in rich hues of green, blue, and purple are strung cleverly with genuine Turquise beads as well as Copper findings. The pendant holds an excellent specimen of Abalone, picture
framed famously with Copper, and includes an enhancer clip making it removable. Necklace totals 24.5" in length.

PRICED  $156.00






Remarkable pendant of Crazy Lace Agate with a combined weight of 10 cts. Of Champagne and White Topaz. Beads are 9 to 10 mm Rust colored Rhodochrosite with Hessonite Garnets in between,

finally measuring 18.75 inches in length with

heavy Sterling "Fish Hook" closure.

PRICED $205.00

SEE E#17 for Earings


22.5 inches of serious Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agates, Fresh Water Pearls, and Iolites with matching blown glass decorative beads. Matches perfectly with any denim outfit. 

PRICED $235.00

SEE E#26 for Earrings


Hand painted Dragon  on Mother of PEARL  STRUNG WITH DOUBLE NECKLACE OF fresh water Pearls and Amethyst beading. 20.5 inches in length with Sterling Toggle closure

PRICED $225.00



Hand painted Mermaid on Black Agate 30mm x 40mm bead, is signed and sealed with lacquer making this a forever wearable Art piece of jewelry. The necklace mimics the colors of the Sea, befitting the theme
of the pendant. Using gem stones such as Apatite chips, Turquise, and Aquamarines, the beaded necklace totals 20" in length and has a Sterling Silver lobster clasp.

PRICED $ 225.00

Earrings are porcelain rectangles with a relief shell pattern and Apatite chip dangle from the bottom. Available separately

Priced $45.00


23" necklace of a stone named Amazonite. This stone being from the Felspar Group is mostly opaque and has warm properties of white, light greens and blues. The bead work is mixed with fresh waterpearls and various shades and sizes of the Amazonite stones. Also on the necklace are 2 porcelain beads embossed with shell motif encompassing the very colors of the stones true nature. Finally a contemporary geometric setting in Sterling Silver holding a large specimen of the Amazonite becomes the pendant of importance.

PRICED $189.00

The earrings are fun! A chandelier style with glass spacer beads, Amazonite donut in the middle, a blown glass bead, and a final light green Chrysoprase dangle.

PRICED $45.00



Beautiful Larimar pendant with large pear shaped Blue Topaz, conche shell bail, Pearl detail, and strung on 50ctw. triple strands of micro fauceted brilliant Apatite beading

PRICED $299.00

SEE #R4 for Ring


Lapis Lazuli and genuine Coral are the two main stones this necklace is comprised of. The Lapis stones are elongated "spoke" shapes which are graduated in size and have mini Iolite stones between each "spoke". Sterling Silver SWIRL design beads along with the silver clusters of STAR spacers announce the change of stones to the tear drop shaped blue Coral. The different shades of blues in these stones match famously with your jeans! the necklace is a total of 20.5" in length and has heavy toggle closure.

PRICED $125.00

And of course there is a matching earring that is sold seperately. A single long Lapis Lazuli stone and rondele including the sterling swirl bead and shepherd hooks

PRICED $48.00


Traveling through beads of fauceted shimmering Opalite stones and coin Pearls, all in shades of grey, the necklace ultimately reaches the prize. A very large white Baroque fresh water pearl
wonderfully wrapped in a sterling silver "shawl" then swings delicately from two bars of silver. Simple and royal looking when on. the necklace also has several fancy silver findings enunciating eachpearl section and includes a toggle closure. Total length measures 19.5".

PRICED $245.00


Fluorite butterfly necklace

PRICED $179.00


Platinum Druzy on grey fresh water Pearls and crystal briolettes

PRICED $170.00

SEE #E42 for Earrings


Erte drawing of girl in her Winter coat on Rhodochrosite beading



Fairy girl on Blue Kyanite, Cherry Quartz and Rhodochrosite with Sterling Silver embellishments. 19.5 inches with toggle closure.

PRICED $210.00


Vivid Polychrome Jasper forms plus a large Presiolite, Smokey Quartz, Citrine, and Garnet gem stone each set in a sterling silver bezel creating an out standing one of a kind pendant. Complimenting its
colors are beads of Sunstone, Imperial Jasper in irregular shape, then separated by mini fresh water pearls. Sterling silver balls and stars are used to punctuate each station of stone. 25" in length
and includes large Sterling toggle clasp closure. 

PRICED $239.00



Black Rutilated Quartz Druzy on Black Spinels and Onyx Beads

PRICED $279.00


27 inches in length, this necklace has deep black Spinel beads, beige rondeles, and 18k overlay findings and wire details. Perfect necklace with to add to a fall wardrobe

PRICED $205.00

SEE #E19 for Earrings



Measuring 22 inches in length this necklace with vintage Turquoise and coin shaped Coral beads has Balinese Sterling Silver embellishments enhancing the separation of each stone.

The pendant is inlaid with same stones.

Toggle closure ensures easy wearing

PRICED $255.00

SEE #E16 for Earrings  




Yummy Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Appetite beads !






Slabs of Chrysoprase are mixed in with cubes of the same, rondels and briolettes of Smokey Quartz, and brown pearls complete the necklace. Measuring 23 inches in length and includes a 2 inch extender chain with Lobster claw clasp

PRICED $200.00



Pendant includes 4 fauceted Peridot gemstone, 2 extra large fauceted green quartz stones, and green Quatrefoil detail, measures 2.25" in length and mounted with 925 Sterling Silver Bezel. Included Triple Strand of flat round
Peridot beads with assorted sizes and colors of green fresh water pearls (dyed). Comes with triple Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp.

PRICED $210.00

Large pear shaped Peridot drop earrings are suspended from green Kyanite rondele beads and sterling silver elements and earring backs

PRICED $85.00


1.2 ct of Green Turquoise with natural forming Copper layer including a nugget of Copper and 1.3 ct of White Topaz. 2.75 inches in length with Sterlingn Silver setting





36 inches of Copper paper clip chain with porcelain floral beads mixed into the design using Sunstone, Agates, and Peruvian Opals.

PRICED $165.00


19 inches of Copper Paper Clip chain with pleasant Poppy porcelain pendant.

Simply colorful and light in design. 

PRICED $99.00



Emerald cut Red Quartz necklace



Triple strands of Hessonite Garnets with Cheetah




Lovely white Fresh Water Pearl necklace includes 18 inch long dainty twisted rope chain

Earrings also wire wrapped with mini Pearl details, 1.5 inches in length and have lever backs

PRICED $145.00

EARRINGS @ $55.00


Hand painted Erte on Black Agate with Spinels, Pearls, Morganite Quartz beads

PRICED $185.00



Peruvian Opal nuggets with Sterling Silver embellishments and 12mm Fauceted Grey Labradorite beaded accents. Includes toggle closure and is 27 inches in length

PRICED $249.00




Lovely warm shades of peach Sunstone, Agates, and blown glass floral beads

with gold over accents 34 inches in length



  A romantic necklace indeed, with 10mm Peach Pearls, peach Peruvian Opals, and "Rose Gold"

details embracing this pierced Abalone pendant including

Moonstone and crystal embellishments. Just lovely....

PRICED $255.00



  Unusual artsy pendant of Jasper with tendrils of Pearls, Pink Quartz briolettes, with Sterling elements mixed in. Completing the necklace is a strand of Strawberry Quartz and Garnets, 19 inches in length, 2 inches of Sterling Silver extender chain, and large fancy "C" ring clasp closure. Just pretty in pinks!!! 

PRICED $225.00


19 inches in length is this adorable Foxy Lady necklace. Strung with various shades and shapes of Garnets along with assorted Sterling Silver details. Very sweet face and a few snowflakes, there is a trigger closure.

PRICED $175.00

SEE E#51   for EARRINGS  


19 inches of rich vivid purple Amethyst beading with Amethyst briolettes surrounding a Sterling Silver plaque of a carved "Moon" face  complimented by Peridots and more Amethyst.

Great piece....

PRICED  $225.00







5 beautiful strands of Iolites, various shapes and sizes of Pearls, plus Lapis Lazuli torsade displays a hand painted drawing originally created by Alphonse Mucha during the Art Nouveau period.. The new illustration is recreated by present day artists on a Black Agate bead, signed, and sealed to last forever

PRICED $265.00


                20 inch long donut shape Onyx beaded necklace with removable

heavy Sterling Silver pendant of a solitary Onyx Stone.    Very striking !    




SEE E#42   for EARRINGS           


Carved Black Agate Stallion is trimmed with genuine Black Diamonds on legs and bail. Beading is strung with Black Onyx and extra large Sterling Silver decorative balls. Necklace measures 19 inches in length and includes a 2 inch extender chain

PRICED $195.00


Braciated Onyx with Hematite pendant happily hangs from 19.5 inches of Black Spinels, large fauceted White Topaz, and carved Hematite spindles

PRICED $159.00












































                                                                             BRACELETS & RINGS





Latching in the front, this cuff bracelet has two trillion cut bezel set Hematite stones on both sides of the opening. Tailored, smart, contemporary in design fitting up to a (7 inch) wrist. 

PRICED $149.00


Rare and unique Green Turquoise from Australia bracelet. Total 8 inch length with Sterling Silver fold over clasp.

PRICED $265.00



Marquishematitebar Bracelet



Snake skin exterior and suede interior, the blueish grey leather bracelet fits a 6.5" - 8" wrist. The "tab" closure is a broach like in design in Sterling Silver and has 1.8 carats of Blue Topaz, 1.4 carats of White Topaz, and 5.6 Carats of Chrsysacolla all the stones are bezel set. Hand made and very unique.

PRICED $160.00


Heavily jeweled bracelet with large focal Druzy in middle surrounded by gorgeous Amethyst, Mystic Topaz, Peridot, and fresh water Biwa Pearls fits up to 8.5 inch wrist masterfully created in Sterling Silver



Carved roses of Prehnite gem stones are the most important attraction to the 6.5" - 8" adjustable bracelet. For additional impact are two large Marquise cut Citrines as well as clusters of fresh water Pearls with Peridots. Victorian in style and oh so feminine. The entire bracelet is 925 Sterling Silver set including the toggle closure.

PRICED $275.00


36 grams Heavy Sterling Silver bracelet, has two generous bars of genuine Turquise balanced between several heart and arabesque cut outs in the cuff design. With the substantial weight, the bracelet fits a 7" - 7.5" wrist comfortably through the 1" opening in the back.

PRICED $155.00


Amazing bracelet of 7 brilliant Amethyst stones individually bezel set in Sterling Silver. Fitting up to an 8 inch wrist with a toggle closure

PRICED $205.00


Fitting up to a 7.5 inch wrist this bracelet has individually  bezel set alternating colors of Red Jasper and  simmering Mother of Pearl.  Very flexible and striking colors to wear any time of the year !

PRICED $289.00


Having a whopping 44 grams of Sterling Silver with a Balinese design, this cuff style bracelet makes quite a statement! Exaggerated arabesque's and swirls are elevated above the solid bangle base. Then Hand tooling the entire perimeter with a granulation motif finishing off the bracelet's design. Because of the bracelet's heavy sterling silver weight it does not adjust but will fit up to a 7.5" wrist.

PRICED $185.00







Merano bracelet in gold and black





Our 6.5" - 7.5" bracelet of genuine gem stones namely White Topaz, pear cut Garnets, Moonstone cabochons and Rhodochrosites. The Greek definition of the word Rhodochrosite means rose colored, but it has been said the namesake, Rhodochrosite, comes from the flower found on the Rhododendron shrub. Rhodochrosite stones are known to come in colors of raspberry and reds with dark zig-zag stripes. The three large cabochons in this bracelet are excellent specimens of the description listed above. The bracelet is set in Sterling Silver and comes with the adjustable length using a lobster claw clasp.

PRICED $165.00


Weighing 35 grams of Sterling Silver the bracelet is completed with all Garnets and is 7.25" - 8.5" in length. The name Garnet originates from the Latin word meaning "grain". When mined the Garnets are rounded crystal formations and similarly resembling the kernels of the Pomegranate fruit. Rarely having inclusions Garnets are known to come in various colors. however this massive gem weight of Garnets is more of the sought after color of red. Once a very fashionable stone in jewelry design during the 18th and 19th century this bracelet brings forth a more contempory design using brilliant cuts such as princess, trillion, ovals and rectangles. Painstakingly bezel setting each stone in 925 Sterling Silver including the arrow toggle bar with Garnet gems on each end.

A very impressive amount of gem weight !!

PRICED $625.00


Heavyweight Garnet, Sponge Coral, and Onyx bracelet. 7.25 inches in length.

PRICED $299.00



3/4" wide the oversized sterling silver cuff is inlaid with "stripes" of Onyx stones., resembling those on a Tiger. This bracelet weighs 45 grams of silver and accommodates a 7.5" - 8.5" wrist.

PRICED $140.00


Garnets and Blister Pearls bracelet, each bezel set in heavy Sterling Silver, up to 8.5 inches length.

PRICED $235.00


48.5 grams of Sterling Silver with massive amounts of gem weight such as Presiolite, sometimes known as green Amethyst, and rough cut druzy stones of Labradorite. Another specialty stone Labradorite is known for its unique property called a schiller or labradorescence. This quality, being a natural phenomenon, makes the stone's color shift from blues to greens and sometimes gold depending upon the lighting. All the stones are bezel set in sterling silver and the toggle bar closure shaped as an arrow is also set with Labradorite on each end.

The bracelet fits a 7" - 8.5" wrist.

PRICED $394.00



Accommodating a 6.5" - 7.5" wrist comfortably is this one of a kind tailored bangle bracelet. With a solid sterling silver bar around the back, the bracelet opens easily in the front with a "hook and eye" type design. Remarkably simple in design, yet the bar crossing the top of the wrist is intrically inlaid with both Lapis Lazuli and Turquise in a smart geometric pattern.

The bracelet weighs in at just 14 grams.

PRICED $60.00


Abalone and bone face Celestial bracelet. Bracelet accommodates up to a 7.25 inch wrist. Sterling Silver with toggle closure and Blue Topaz stone.

PRICED $120.00



Abalone bracelet includes 5 vibrant bars of natural Abalone shell. Each bar is bezel set in Sterling Silver and the bracelet length measures 6.5" to 8"  with toggle bar closure .

PRICED $139.00


The theme of the bracelet is a stylized rendition of Gustav Klimt's drawing known as "The Kiss". Five hand painted oval forms of Mother of Pearl are illustrated with the Klimt - type motifs. The center form displays the renown drawing of the two lovers clutched together as he bestows upon his one true love a passionate kiss for all to behold, forever. A romantic interpretation for sure! the art on the mother of pearl is sealed with lacquer, and the bracelet is all set in Sterling Silver bezels with a toggle closure.

Accommodates a 6"- 7.5" wrist size.

PRICED $325.00


Hand painted on five mother of pearl ovals are stylized versions of Alfonse Mucha's drawings from the Art Nouveau period. The center drawing was from a famous calendar advertisement named the Zodiac. The two smaller female figures painted were "The Blonde" and "The Brunette" both these were from Mucha's Byzantine collection. The female figures book ended by the two flower drawings truly create a master piece of wearable art !!

The bracelet fits a 6" -7.5" wrist

and is all Sterling Silver bezel set, completing the bracelet with a toggle closure.

PRICED $325.00


Accommodating a wrist 6.75" - 8.25" this Sugalite and Amethyst bracelet is quite a rare find. Each of the six Sugalite stones has been painstakingly bezel and then surrounded with Amethyst beading. Highlighting the bracelet with a relatively "new to market" stone such as Sugalite makes the rarity of this jewelry design very desirable. Sugalite is mostly cut into cabochon form such as theseand is generally

Violet in color with significant hardiness when measured on the MOHS' scale.

PRICED $324.00



Now that's ONE OF A KIND !!!

The bracelet fits a 7" - 8.25" wrist and all of the elements are embraced with Titanium. All four of the shells are genuine, wrapped with Sterling Silver bezels, and then the process where Titanium adheres to the surface is applied. The six Quartz Druzy stones making up the bracelet design are also super heated Titanium treated.

The colors appear iridescent in blues, purples and greens, and no two look the same.

Three genuine Peridot stones are also part of the bracelet design

as well as a Toggle bar closure.

PRICED $300.00


A lovely high fashion bracelet with simple elegance and shine. Very much a European style of design, the solid Sterling Silver bracelet has been Rhodium treated. Rhodium is from the Platinum family, an expensive process used to keep the Sterling clean and bright.

The bracelet measures 7" in length, has toggle bar closure, and looks great with a tan !

PRICED $125.00


Rhodium plated Sterling Silver bracelet of vivid Lavender Jade and Amethyst. Bracelet measures

7.5 inches and has a double safety slide in clasp.

PRICED $149.00


Exquisite Goldstone solitaire ring in Rose Gold Copper setting size 9.

PRICED $125.00


Genuine Hand carved Amber Mermaid ring. Substantial Sterling Silver setting has adjustable band.

Priced $250.00





With graceful Sterling Silver curls, 4 oval Larimar stones are bezel set

mounted in this generous Silver setting. 

Size 8 & 9

PRICED $135.00



Extra Large Baroque Pearl Ring with an adjustable setting in gold over and black Rhodium

PRICED $162.00


Stunning, 14 ctw of radiant cut Montezuma's Prasiolite with natural white Zircon in Sterling Silver and Platinum plating.

Size 9 only

PRICED $119.00




Coin Pearls and Turquoise Sterling Silver post back earrings

1.5 inches in length

PRICED $130.00




With a total carat weight of 3.75, the round intensely colored gold Brazilian Citrines

are 18K yellow Gold over Sterling Silver with Lever backs.

Absolutely lovely on!

PRICED $92.00


A bold color statement of channel set bars of genuine gem stones including Turquise, Opal, Spiny Oyster Shell, and Carnelian. The earrings are set in Sterling Silver, 1-3/4" in length,
and have S.S. shepherd hook earring backs.

PRICED $108.00


1-1/2" in length trio of Brilliant genuine Amethyst stones in a graceful Sterling setting. Light in weight and yet an impressive Amethyst statement.

PRICED $85.00



Large trillion cut Green Quartz, Quadra-foiled Hematite, and Peridot earrings. Bezel set in Sterling Silver with a length of 1-1/2" and have Sterling Silver shepherd hook backs.

PRICED $95.00


 Band Amethyst earrings, 2.25 inches in length with Sterling Silver lever backs.

PRICED $45.00


Pear shaped Kyanite stones with beautifully accented with Blue Topaz  makes this pair of 1.5 inch long Sterling earrings light and lovely. Shepard hook Sterling earring backs.   

PRICED  $79.00



Profile picture of Sterling Silver Hoops with post earring backs. The hoop measures 1- 1/4" in diameter. 925 sterling silver hoops showing 7 Marquise cut bezel set genuine Turquise stones. a burnished silver technique and solid round silver balls separating each stone for maximum impact.

PRICED $105.00




 Sporting a tassel of beige Quartz beads, these earrings have a combination of Lapis Lazuli and blue Goldstone rondeles, Sterling Silver lever backs, and measures 2.5 inches.

PRICED $42.00



Mini drop earrings with pearl, Onyx, and fancy decorative spacer bead.

1-1/4" in length with S.S. lever backs

PRICED $37.00


Looking like the very Trendy Rose Gold but far more affordable are these swirled "hoops" of sealed Copper. The elongated "hoop" design measures 1-3/4" in length.
The earring backs have a snap back bar closure making them very secure.

PRICED $57.00


Unusual marrying of Copper and Silver, hand hammered earrings have a single Blue Quartz stone on display. Their rectangle form hang from Shephard hook backings in Sterling.

PRICED $42.00


Yellow Jade, Black Spinels and blown glass Sunflower bead earrings.

PRICED $45.00


Elongated Labradorite briolettes with 18k overlay pearl caps, lever earring backs, and Pyrite dangle

PRICED $46.00


 Hand painted roses are adorned with Garnets, Pearl , and 18k gold over lever back earrings.

PRICED $43.00


Turquoise and fauceted Carnelian earrings with Balinese

Sterling Silver embellishments and lever earring backs.

Measuring 1.5 inches in length.

PRICED $55.00


Crazy Lace Agate and Rhodochrosite earrings
Measuring 2.5 inches in length, elongated pear shaped Crazy Lace Agate drops from vivid Rhodochrosite ball and Sterling Silver lever earring backs.

PRICED $39.00


These tailored 3/4" long earrings were made with Italian Murano glass and gold over Sterling findings. In black, white, and gold the earrings go with everything !!! A little F Y I about
Murano glass, when gold is displayed in the glass, actual sheets of GOLD are melted into the glass during the creation.

PRICED $60.00


Tailored square Black Spinel earrings with lever backs measure a tidy 1.5 inches with backs.

Very smart look.

PRICED  $49.00





Just the right amount of Azurite grows naturally on these Granite beads found on the second tallest mountain in the world, K2. The 2 inch long earring is complimented with Blue Quartz, Onyx, Balinese spacer beads, and Sterling lever earring backs

PRICED $40.00


Looking like Emeralds, this pair of earrings is made with the very rare and extremely difficult stone to mine called Chrome Diopside.

Found in Russia, the stone can only be mined 2 months out of a year when the ground is defrosted. This fabulous pair are a total weight of 3.78ct. with.24 ct. of white Zircons.

Earring backs are snap back closure very secure closure.

PRICED $120.00


Rhodochrosite is the stone of choice here. The post back pair are 1" in size and are typically displaying zigzag bands of cream in their peachy rose color.

PRICED $81.00

1 -3/4" dangling pair of Rhodochrosite earrings are sporting an atypical cut but untrue character are the zigzag markings so sought after by collectors. Sterling Silver lever backs and
spacer beads complete the pair.

PRICED $85.00


Elongated and elegant Chrsycolla and Agate earrings. Just over 2 inches with oversized butterfly earring backs, Sterling Silver set

PRICED $135.00 



Displaying an elongated presence the earrings are 2.25" long w/a natural slice of genuine Amethyst as well as fauceted Amethyst forms and all bezel set in sterling

PRICED $75.00


Lapis Lazuli, Iolites, Blue Lace Agates with glass bead earrings.

2 inches in length with Sterling lever earring backs

PRICED $42.00



Red Coral Spinels and Mother of Pearl Swirl Earrings

these 2.25 inch. in length earrings are comprised of  Black spinels & red coral beads with swirls of Black M.O.P. representing the "Never Ending Ocean Waves".

PRICED $49.00


Assorted shapes of Pyrites with gold overlay findings, 2.75 inches in length

PRICED $48.00



 Sporting a tassel of beige Quartz beads, these earrings have a combination of Lapis Lazuli and blue Goldstone rondeles, Sterling Silver lever backs, and measures 2.5 inches.



Rhodium plated Sterling Silver Byzantine Style Drop design Earrings,

1.25 inch length with shepherd hook backs.

PRICED $75.00



Sodalite and Pearl earrings, stering silver details with lever backs

PRICED $40.00


Blue Jade and Pearl 2 inch drop earrings

PRICED $38.00


Blown glass floral beads with mini semi precious Goldstone beads

PRICED $60.00



Earrings in large Tear drop shapes of genuine Turquoise are then skillfully wire wrapped with gold over. The statement earring to match the statement necklace (44) .

PRICED $48.00



Jasper, Citrine, and Garnet earrings totaling 3 inches in length with lever Sterling backs and findings

PRICED $40.00


Large pear shaped Peridot drop earrings are suspended from green Kyanite rondele beads and sterling silver elements and earring backs

PRICED $80.00


Wire wrapped Fresh Water Coin Pearl stations 

PRICED $55.00


Three fresh water Pearls gold wire wrapped cascading to a 2.5 inch drop

PRICED $45.00


Trillion shaped natural Laguna Agate in warm shades of Beige, Grey, Taupe, and Cream brings this contemporary earring to life. Blended for color is the single golden coin Pearl. This pair comes with Sterling post earring backs and are a smart 2.5 inches in length.

PRICED $55.00




Platinum Druzy earrings with Hematite quadrafoil form and Zircon center

PRICED $85.00


Larimar Earings

PRICED $80.00



2.5 inch Black Spinels, White Topaz, Onyx,and Agate drop ball earrings with Lever backs

PRICED $42.00



Beautiful Garnets in Sterling Silver and Rhodium plating for durability with Zircon embellishments and lever earring backs.

PRICED  $115.00



Impressive genuine Hessonite Garnet earrings comprised of 3 major stones, and 2 cabochon Garnets on each. w/o shepherd hook backs measuring 1.5" long

PRICED $234.00


Mother of Pearl earrings with Onyx

PRICED $42.00

E# 46

Porcelain bead earrings with Black Spinels and Agates.

PRICED $38.00


2.25 inch long obaleque shaped Turquoise and Spiney Oyster shell earrings, with over sized butterfly earring backings. Sterling Silver and Rhodium plated for durability

PRICED $198.00



Bronze wire wrapped Opal and Smokey Quartz earrings 2.25 in length

PRICED $49.00



Jasper and Amazonite earrings

PRICED $49.00



Botswana Agate earrings with Smokey Quartz with 18k Gold wire wrap + 2" drop

PRICED $48.00


With Sterling Silver lever earring backs, Foxy Lady earrings are detailed with Garnets in various shades and shapes. Finally total length with backs measures 2 .75 inches.

Very sweet !

PRICED $40.00


Lovely moons of peachy colored Agates makes these earrings 2 inches in length

PRICED $40.00


Quadrafoil Mother of Pearl earrings with fresh water Pearls and Onyx and lever backs.

PRICED $38.00



Spinal cut Flourite and Amethyst spiral earrings.

PRICED $46.00


Fauceted oval disc's of grey Mother of Pearl, light grey potato Pearl, sparkling fauceted Hematite beads, and finally Sterling Silver accents between each detail. Lever earring backs

PRICED $39.00


Spotted Jasper

PRICED $39.00


A Bar of Citrine is wedged between caps of Sterling cradling Citrine beads. Bronze mini glass beads meet up with Sterling Silver lever backs. 

PRICED $32.00




Sterling Silver Balinese design earrings have genuine Coral bead, are light in weight, measure 1.5 inches in length, and have Shepard hook earring backs

PRICED $42.00


Black, red, and silver glass beads earrings, measuring 1.5 inches are light weight

with shepard hook backs

PRICED $29.00




Measuring 1.5 inches are these sparkling fauceted Carnelians stones wired to heart shaped golden forms with post earring backs

PRICED $39.00








Charoite, Pearl, with Amethyst earrings

PRICED $39.00


Yellow Jade, Black Spinels and blown glass Sunflower bead earrings.

PRICED $45.00


Fresh Water Pearls and Corals with carved rose, lever earring backs, and gold over findings.

PRICED $39.00