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     A little bit about Irresistibles;

             With a prior background in Art and Interior Design, my inspiration for jewelry designing and creating are governed by the three most important elements: color, art, and beauty.
      Since 1995, creating one of a kind jewelry has become my passion. All are worthy of fine Quality gems, rare finds, fresh water pearls, and hand tooled Sterling Silver elements.
      Every detail incorporated is to develop the ultimate work of art. 95% of the items shown are set in solid 925 Sterling Silver, and all necklaces are strung on stainless steel
      cables for durability and lasting beauty.
      Finally, there are descriptions enclosed regarding a few details about the unique stones I've used or details about the origin of many of the artful focal beads. And hopefully
      the photos will make a lasting appreciation of the jewelry's originality and creation.

        Please enjoy............

             Irresistibles by Deborah                                                                                                



                  Orders can be placed with a money order from bank or Post Office.

        Totals will include, your local Sales Tax & Priority Shipping.

                     For exact total, contact Deborah @ 1(631)269-3421 or

        Email her _

      Orders will be shipped after we receive your payment.




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